Satanic Panic

by Dark Disco Club

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released May 14, 2013

Joseph Rose • vocals
John Bozzuto • guitar
Joshua Solomon • bass
Dave Latimer • drums

All songs written by Joseph Rose and John Bozzuto.

Produced and mixed by Joseph Rose.

Mastered by Andy VanDette.

Gang vocals performed by Amanda Hunter, Elizabeth Iezzi, and Krystal Gamez.

Baphomet cover illustration: Connie Kauffman

The band is forever grateful to Krystal Gamez, Kelly Herbert, Dave Latimer and everyone who contributed to this album on Kickstarter. Thank you so much!

We would also like to thank Clint Campbell, Eric Sampson, Drew Raison, our families and loved ones, and everyone who has supported this band over the years. Kick ass!



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Dark Disco Club Philadelphia

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Track Name: This Place Is Dead
The search for common ground is getting desperate. This place is dead. It's fucking desolate. Where are the creators? Have they all been consumed? This life is death. I feel like I'm entombed.

This place is dead. Let's start a fire and burn it all to the ground.
This place is dead. Let's start a fire and burn it down.

These are the walking dead. A flock of mindless drones. I can't relate. I'm better off alone. Thank god-remote-control. They'd rather watch than do. It makes me sick. A change is overdue.

Dead man walking. Speaks in dollar $igns.
His cup is full, but he's empty inside. He's worth more dead than he is alive.

Don't forget kids, money burns.
Track Name: Jailbait (All Night)
I've got my pedal to the metal and I better think fast. I got a pack of 10 pigs ridin' hot on my ass. I guess they found my ex. We left her bound and gagged. It's my own goddamn fault… shoulda put her in a bag!

I'm trading old for new. Old plans have fallen through.
Looks like I had my cake, now I'm gonna eat it too.

My jailbait honey, she's mine tonight!
If we're not doin' wrong then somethin' just ain't right.

My tranny's automatic. This girl is drivin' stick. She's only 17. My god, she learned so quick! Her Daddy's freaking out. He knows we stole his gun. Imagine if he knew what Baby does for fun.

That girl is mine tonight. All night! We'll Rock n Roll all night. All night!

My jailbait set the trap, and I done took the bait.
Her birthday's coming soon, but I just couldn't wait.
Track Name: Wicked Witch
This girl has got me by the balls. I can't see straight. She's got me walking into walls. And when she bit my lip, I swear she cast a spell. So hot, yet cold as ice. Her love's a living Hell.

She's a sexy little bitch. Her heart is black as midnight. It's black as pitch.
She's a creepy little bitch. She is my wicked witch.

This girl has got a dark side. I've seen it, and I think I like it. I'm almost scared to come inside. It better leave a mark. She wants to feel that burn. If I bring the boys around, she gives us all a turn.

"No, seriously, this girl is like a real-life Morticia Addams. It’s crazy!"

"I can deal with burning candles and freaky books everywhere. But if I see a doll, with pins stuck in it… I'm outta there!"
Track Name: Caesar
After decades in the ground, long lost and newly found. We reunite.
I will excavate, exhume, and operate. The neighbors stood aghast as I dug through the past.

Dig until I strike bone. Dig into the unknown. Dig it!

In this museum of death, where you took your last breath… you'll live again.
I will decapitate, restore, and decorate. Oh you'll be quite the sight when viewed in proper light.

Can you dig it?
Track Name: The Devil Made Me Do It
I've done this all before. I think I'll do it again.
Can't help but think about it every now and then.

Why does it feel so good to be so bad?

It's not my fault. The Devil made me do it. I swear the devil made me do it!

I tried to make things work, but you make it so damn hard.
Now I've gotta dig another hole in my back yard!
Track Name: Pusher
Trust me, I know best. You're lucky to have me, woman. You're blessed!
I'll give you every thing you need. I will plant the seed.
I make you feel alive with what I put inside. Just open wide.

I'm not your friend. I'm not your lover. I am your Rock n Roll. I'm your pusher!

Just do it! You'll like it. I know what's best for you, girl. Listen!
I'll give you every song you need. I will plant the seed.
I make you feel alive with what I put inside. Just open your mind.

DO IT! I know you'll fucking like it. DO IT! You need to hear this.
DO IT! You just do as you're told. DO IT! This is for your own good.
Track Name: Shooting Stars
Three bodies keep one another warm until the morning.
We're misfits. We're sharing our secrets. Ignored the warning.

We won't live forever, and we're sure as Hell not going to Heaven.

Kissing and healing. Comparing scars. Laughing, and reaching for shooting stars.

We’re free at last! Wish for an audience. We're unencumbered.
Short on time, real life comes crashing down. Our days are numbered.

It's two on one. And I'm the one.

The cats away and you better believe us mice will play. We wait all day for the sun to set, and we'll have our way. We own the night and we cross the line. No wrong or right. Under full moonlight we drink it up, and we'll take our bite.
Track Name: I Want You (Dead)
I want you more than I could ever put in words. I want you so much that it always fucking hurts. Time should have healed my broken heart by now. But I won't feel better 'til you're in the ground.

I want you. I want you dead.
I want you. I want your head!

I want you dead so I don't have to see your face. I want you buried in your final resting place. Death is the only way to solve this mess. Nothing about you is worth all this stress.

You always said you would die for me. So keep your word now.
Oh, how I wish that you would.

I want you dead as a doornail, buried in the dirt, baby!
I want your head on a stick, with a smile, on my motherfuckin’ wall, babe!
Track Name: A-Bomb
Hey, Doc… tell me what I already know. Come on, tell me what I don't wanna hear.
Confirm every one of my fears.

A-Bomb! It's drop, drop, dropping. Helpless! No stop, stop, stopping it.
Find strength in the aftermath. Love rules, once you find the path.

Expectations weigh a ton. Search for hope in the light of my rising son.

Goddamn, the future’s really freaking me out. I can't lie. Full of questions that never get an answer. Gotta find a way to focus my anger.

Let the hard truth set in; the cure will never come. Acceptance sets us free.
Still two hearts and one blood.